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Optical Networks for Mining Operations

Mining operations adds another level of difficulty that is IT operations.  Add environmental factors such as lightning strikes, earthquakes, fire and monsoons and you have a maze of best practices to conquer.

Optical networks can encompass up to 30km without repeaters.  This means no blind spots and no need for additional switches to connect each endpoint.  With over 15 years experience in supporting mining operations around the world, offers the latest in  network design, serversrugged PC, laptops and licensing support. Whether the humidity of the jungle or dust from the desert protecting your hardware is different. Dust proof cases, vibration tested memory, SSD hard drives surge protected switches and high performing wireless devices all aid in the long term success of your mining project.

Software licensing can be a tricky to navigate alone. Let the experts at consolidate manage and expedite your licencing issues for you. We are experts with Microsoft, Veritas, Solarwinds, Teamviewer, and ManageEngine to name a few.

  • Network performance
  • Server application monitoring
  • IT help desk
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Cloud computing
  • Cloud backup solutions
  • Custom Weather Station

Providing the above tools to your IT management team give them the ability to proactively manage the network and not react to network issues.  Keeping 2 steps ahead of hackers and DDOS attacks allows your team to proactively monitor and protect your network.

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