How do I get my products into Ingram Micro Distribution

Ever wonder how companies get their products in to Ingram Micro Distribution for worldwide distribution when their names are not HP or IBM?

Easy, they call Titan Channel Partners.  Well lets be fair, they could call Ingram Micro too, submit mountains of paperwork and wait six to nine months before they get their answer.

Or… They could contact TCP.  We have helped small businesses in the IT marketplace add as few as six skus into the behemoths logistics services.  Seeing their products in the channel in as few as six weeks.

Ingram Micro Offers you:

  • More than 200,000 resellers in approximately 160 countries
  • Providing support through approximately 20,800 world-wide associates
  • The only global broad-based IT distributor with significant Asia-Pacific presence

Don’t wait contact Titan Channel Partners today and let get your products selling today!


High Temp SLC USB Drive

Why SLC Memory is your best choice for Digital Signage, SLC USB

Are you trying to understand why you are replacing your USB flash drive every 30 days?

Are you only running a short 30 second video and still having USB drives fail?

Well your problem is not your video but the type of USB drives you are using.  All USB drives are not created equal.  Industrial flash SLC USB is made using SLC flash and not consumer grade flash memory.  Built using error correction and wear leaving algorithms for error free operation.  Offering high availability.

Nothing worst than a customer walking in a retail store to see a black screen.