Mining IT operations

IT for Precious Metal Mining

IT for Precious Metal Mining

Navigating the world of Information Technology (IT) is difficult. Add environmental factors such as lightning strikes, earthquakes, fire and monsoons and you have a maze of best practices to conquer.

With over 15 years experience in supporting mining operations around the world, offers the latest in serversrugged PC, laptops and licensing support. When located in the jungle or desert protecting your hardware is different as the continent you are on. Dust proof cases, vibration tested memory, SSD hard drives surge protected switches and high performing wireless devices all aid in the long term success of your mining project.

Licensing software can be a tricky mine field to navigate alone. Let the experts at consolidate manage and expedite your licencing issues for you. Consolidating SLAs can provide additional discounts and expedite delivery to your mining project.

Networking and server administration can provide a unique challenge.  Environmental factors such as dust and moisture can adversely affect hardware performance.  High availability servers and storage systems require constant attention.  Custom storage enclosures provide great protection from the elements.

  • Network performance
  • Server application monitoring
  • IT help desk
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Customer support software
  • Active directory management
  • Active directory auditing
  • Self service password management

Providing the above tools to your IT management team give them the ability to proactively manage the network and not react to network issues.  Keeping 2 steps ahead of hackers and DDOS attacks allows your team to proactively monitor and protect your network.

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Mining IT operations

IT for Mining Operations

IT for Mining Operations has over 15 years experience serving mining operations around the world, supporting operations in such areas as Angola, Ghana and South Africa.  Providing the correct hardware for the area is key to long term operational success.  Protecting networking equipment from lightning strikes, brownouts and power outages will ensure your equipment for the long term.

Supporting international mining operations from an IT perspective can be challenging to say the least.  Software updates, CAD Software, security software and IT support present an unique challenge with remote locations.  Satellite connections, wireless and long fiber optic runs all require specialized equipment and personnel on site.

Choosing the correct hardware can reduce downtime and logistical expense from the beginning.  Let their experts and their years of experience aid your next IT project.  Specializing in large data networks with multiple servers, storage arrays, fiber switches and customized enclosures all to better support your mining operation and minimize downtime. offers consolidation services and IT pre-configuration services, where they will install and test the equipment prior to sending the system to you.  Please post any questions here regarding this service.

If you are looking to streamline your IT procurement for your international mining operations and expedite your shipment to your global locations  contact for a bid on your next IT project.

Let the experts at aggregate your software licenses and expedite delivery to you.  In most cases license codes can be made available in 2-3 days.

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