Managed Twitter accounts for Small Businesses

Managed Twitter accounts for Small Businesses

Has social media bypassed your business?

Is there  no time to manage your Twitter account?  Do you have a Twitter account?

Is your business invisible online?

Let our Managed Twitter Service help your business be seen online and take part in local  events via social media.

Our dedicated team will create, monitor and manage your business’ Twitter account.  Post new events and reply to questions received by your followers.

What businesses will benefit from this service?

1. Restaurants

2. Local services such as; plumbers, contractors, pest control, gardners, gas stations, auto repair

3. Home-based businesses such as; arts & crafts, bakers, hobbiest

Our experts at Titan Channel Partners, based in Irvine California,  create monitor and manage your business’ Twitter for only $25 per month.  We will make scheduled updates on your account and you will have full control of your account at all times.

New customers are just around the corner, literally.  New smart phone apps help customers find new places to eat, shop and patron everyday.  Make sure your business is one of them.  Don’t get left behind!

Contact us  at [email protected], call +1 949 542-6128, or post a confidential message below.

We look forward to hearing from you today and helping you attract new customers to your business.

How to Promote your App in 5 Easy Steps

How to Promote your App

Now that you have successfully submitted your App to the Apple App Store or Google Marketplace, more hard work begins.

Submitting and getting your App approved does not guarantee your App will be successful.  Given the hundreds of thousands of Apps, the chances of your customers locating your App is low.  Even a FREE App may never be found by your customer.

Apps are a great tool, now with their low cost Everyone should have an App to promote their products or services and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Now the question HOW?

Similar to how you launch a new product or service, promoting an App is similar.  We suggest you start with your current list of customers.

  • Let your current customers know you now have an App
  • Create a signature block on everyone’s  e-mail
  • Create a logo for your new App and place it on your website
  • Send a mailer or Press Release announcing your new App
  • Start a PPC (Pay-per-click) and SEO organic campaign to reach the masses

Promoting your App is key to its success

After all the work your team has done by wireframing, flow charting, testing and perfecting your App, do not forget about the critical next step…. Promotion of your App.

To start promotion of your App Today contact us at [email protected], call +1 949 542-6128, or post a confidential message below.



Retail Analytics made simple by Titan Channel Partners

Retail Analytics made simple by Titan Channel Partners.

Titan Channel Partners a worldwide consulting firm specializing in information technology now offers a retail analytic solution.

Our retail analytic solution provides an anonymous observation of age, gender and mood.

This anonymous data can be captured instantly then downloaded and compared with other stored data. Capturing real time retail analytics provides the retailer an advantage over the competition.

Knowing how long a customer spends in an aisle, what bag of chips they pick up from the shelf, were they attracted to a competitor’s product over yours ? Was their experience the same at one location versus another?

In other markets the system can compile mood analytics showing customers length of stay and their initial observation and reception, such as corporate functions and property launches.

The software originally developed for the defense industry utilizes a unique facial recognition process. The data then can be exported analyzed and tuned to maximize the clients marketing efforts.

Gone are the days of ceilings and walls littered with camera domes. Many of our systems only require one camera input.

Titan Channel Partners has partnered with One Button Inc. of Lake Forest, California for installation, hardware customization and on-site integration.

One Button will provide the custom retail analytic deployment solution for each retailer. Integrating cameras discreetly in LED panels, capturing anonymous customer feedback, and providing a smart digital signage assembles the perfect storm of targeted marketing solutions.

Coupling the captured data with One Button’s strategy, the system can instantly change its presented content. For example, a predominately male audience may have one defined set of ads while a female audience another. This coupled with age and mood observations allow for a new dawn of highly effective ad targeting like no other.

For additional information e-mail: [email protected], call +1 949 542 6128, or post and leave a message below.

Retail Analytics in Real Time

Retail Analytics in Real Time

  • If  a leasing office could capture the number of clients who entered the office and compare it to the number of applications completed, would that information be useful?
  • If the maker of a popular soup could see the number of individuals viewing its competitor’s products in the grocery store aisle and determine gender, age, mood and duration, would that information be useful?
  • If a kiosk could capture the number of patrons, gender, age, mood, duration and time of day, would that information help develop a better interface and content for the patrons.

Titan Channel Partners has developed and implemented custom solutions to better track customer experiences.

By analyzing in real time the data you can build a better mouse trap.  Weather the mouse trap is a client friendly lobby in a leasing office, more attractive packing and better placement for a can of soup or improved content at a kiosk.

Giving advertisers and durable goods manufacturers access to a real time portal to view, query and download data from multiple locations allows for faster times to market for change.  That change can take many forms:

  • Creating better customer experiences
  • Improved packaging
  • Improved product placement
  • Improved pricing
  • Improved targeted promotions

All in a fraction of the time it would take to gather intelligent data using traditional methods such as focus groups and surveys.

Contact Titan Channel Partners and let us design and deploy a custom retail solution for you TODAY!

For additional information e-mail: [email protected], call +1 949 542 6128, or post and leave a message below.


Top 5 Reasons Why you need to redesign your website Today!

Top 5 Reasons Why you need to redesign your website Today!

Like most businesses you probably created your website when you started your business.

Over the years you have made small changes to your website such as adding new products and services you now offer.

Have you considered that your website no longer contains the optimal coding that is now required by search engines?

1. You may still be using old code to build your website

We are not talking about meta data or keywords you have been so diligent over the years to include, but the actual code that is used to create your website.  Chances are that if your website has not be designed in the past 2-3 years using this new format you probably are not taking advantage of the new SEO tools now available to you.

2. New search engine standards are not recognizing your web pages

Recent changes by Google with their Panda and Penguin updates now use a different criteria than meta data to index websites.  The search engines have found better ways to make your search experience better, by making your landing pages more relevant.

3.  Newly Optimized keyword tags help to index your site quickly and correctly

Creating web pages that are already indexed allows the search engines to quickly index your site in the correct category and get your information to your customer who are looking for your products and services.

4. Faster inclusion in search engine results

Gone are the days of waiting 3-4 weeks to see your webpage appear in Google.  We use Google as the standard as they hold 65% of the search market.  Using these new web tools you can quickly update and see your content indexed by the search engines in days not weeks.

5.  Our consultation is FREE!!

Free web design consultation for Orange County customers

Contact us today for a FREE consultation of your website.  Let our Irvine California based company help you optimize your website.  If you have just redesigned your website and would like a second option you are welcome to contact us well.

The internet moves fast and you do not have time to keep up with the trends and best practices of website design.  Let us do that for you so you can concentrate on your business.

Contact us today! at +1 949-542-6128 or e-mail info at  You may also post a question or comment here.

How to Sell Korean made goods through US Distribution

How to Sell Korean made goods through US Distribution

Many Korean companies establish an office in the USA in the hopes of establishing a presence in the USA will help their sales.  However this step is not necessary, to sell into the US distribution channel you need a top tier logistic and marketing  services offer by Titan Channel Partners.

Having worked with many foreign companies, Titan Channel Partners has assisted companies with 3PL and marketing services.  Helping IT companies to get a jump on the competition by offering their products through Ingram Micro Distribution to give them a leg up over the competition.

Ingram Micro offers:

  • Supports more than 200,000 resellers in 160 countries
  • Has 20,800 world wide associates
  • 119 distribution centers 

Foreign companies looking to make their goods available in the USA neglect the fact that their offering does not stop once you have established your logistical services.  Marketing your products in the USA is key to getting your product to turnover.  Success is measured by the number of times you can sell and restock your products (turnover).

Titan Channel Partners with over 15 years experience has the relationships, know-how and talent to get your products on the shelf at big-box-retailers in the USA.  Experts in making your products available through Ingram Micro Distribution is key to retailers and eTailers (.coms) having your producti information and ordering ability at their finger tips.

Working with top tier eCommerce in the USA, we leverage our relationships to bring you the best marketing and co-op programs available to your category.  Front page exposure on leading eCommerce sites will propel your sales right out of the gate.

Stop gambling with 2nd and 3rd tier distribution and let us introduce your products to the premier companies in the USA for sales and distribution.

For additional information on distribution and marketing services call +1 949 542 6128, or e-mail info at, or post your comment or question here.

Mining IT operations

IT for Precious Metal Mining

IT for Precious Metal Mining

Navigating the world of Information Technology (IT) is difficult. Add environmental factors such as lightning strikes, earthquakes, fire and monsoons and you have a maze of best practices to conquer.

With over 15 years experience in supporting mining operations around the world, offers the latest in serversrugged PC, laptops and licensing support. When located in the jungle or desert protecting your hardware is different as the continent you are on. Dust proof cases, vibration tested memory, SSD hard drives surge protected switches and high performing wireless devices all aid in the long term success of your mining project.

Licensing software can be a tricky mine field to navigate alone. Let the experts at consolidate manage and expedite your licencing issues for you. Consolidating SLAs can provide additional discounts and expedite delivery to your mining project.

Networking and server administration can provide a unique challenge.  Environmental factors such as dust and moisture can adversely affect hardware performance.  High availability servers and storage systems require constant attention.  Custom storage enclosures provide great protection from the elements.

  • Network performance
  • Server application monitoring
  • IT help desk
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Customer support software
  • Active directory management
  • Active directory auditing
  • Self service password management

Providing the above tools to your IT management team give them the ability to proactively manage the network and not react to network issues.  Keeping 2 steps ahead of hackers and DDOS attacks allows your team to proactively monitor and protect your network.

For additional information contact

Post your questions or comments here for an expert to reply.

Mining IT operations

IT for Mining Operations

IT for Mining Operations has over 15 years experience serving mining operations around the world, supporting operations in such areas as Angola, Ghana and South Africa.  Providing the correct hardware for the area is key to long term operational success.  Protecting networking equipment from lightning strikes, brownouts and power outages will ensure your equipment for the long term.

Supporting international mining operations from an IT perspective can be challenging to say the least.  Software updates, CAD Software, security software and IT support present an unique challenge with remote locations.  Satellite connections, wireless and long fiber optic runs all require specialized equipment and personnel on site.

Choosing the correct hardware can reduce downtime and logistical expense from the beginning.  Let their experts and their years of experience aid your next IT project.  Specializing in large data networks with multiple servers, storage arrays, fiber switches and customized enclosures all to better support your mining operation and minimize downtime. offers consolidation services and IT pre-configuration services, where they will install and test the equipment prior to sending the system to you.  Please post any questions here regarding this service.

If you are looking to streamline your IT procurement for your international mining operations and expedite your shipment to your global locations  contact for a bid on your next IT project.

Let the experts at aggregate your software licenses and expedite delivery to you.  In most cases license codes can be made available in 2-3 days.

For additional information on mining support for international mining operations post your questions and comments here for a reply.


How to become an Ingram Micro Vendor Fast!

How to become an Ingram Micro Vendor Fast!

Get your products listed in as few as 8 weeks!  Simple fast and easy!  Step #1 CONTACT US TODAY.

Titan Channel Partners has a 100% success getting manufacturer’s products listed in Ingram Micro, the top tier channel distributor.  After a very simple contract process, which Titan Channel Partners walks you through, you will be assigned your Ingram Micro Vendor number and will be ready to start getting your Ingram Micro skus assigned to your account.

Many believe the process to get listed in Ingram Micro as a vendor is a cumbersome process…. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Here at Titan Channel Partners we navigate the paperwork and expedite the process in as few as 8 weeks.  We have seen the process take as little as 6 weeks to get on board with Ingram Micro.

However many make the mistake that the process stops after the Ingram skus are assigned, not the case, it has only just begun.

Now that your products are listed in the hundreds of thousands of Ingram Micro skus, how will the customers find you?

This is where Titan Channel Partners excels, we custom tailor a marketing program to get your products noticed by the large eTailers.

Using our years of experience in the channel and working with our existing relationships, we can use our influence with the category buyers to display your products on their prestigious and influential web space for a faction of the traditional cost.  In some cases we have negotiated ad campaigns for little or no cost to the vendor.

Steps to becoming an Ingram Micro Vendor:

1.  Get the products listed in Ingram Micro Fast

2.  Promote the products through our network of influential eTailers

3.  Watch your sales grow!

Not all vendor setups can be easy, but in our experience and our 100% success rate, we have great confidence that you can become an Ingram Micro Vendor Fast!

Review our other article  for additional information on Ingram Micro vendor setup.

For additional information CONTACT US  or post your question or comment here

How can lawyers get more clients

How can lawyers get more clients

Many industries turn to Google Adwords and start a pay-per-click campaign.  Others will spend their budget on a SEO firm to help optimize their existing website in the hopes of attracting organic traffic (non-paying search).

Many small practices typically create a website and then leave it alone.  These firms have grown accustomed to the look of their website and in some cases get very emotional when it comes to changing it.  Unfortunately change is part of the internet, the static website of the past has been replaced by the new interactive versions of today.  No more should you wait to receive a phone call or e-mail from a client who saw your website, but they should be able to IM CHAT with your representative in real time.

Web development has progressed to instantly respond to customers needing information and the legal sector is no different.  If you are still waiting for the phone to ring or a new client e-mail to appear in your IN BOX….You may be waiting quite awhile.

Clients want to engage with you instantly they do not want to wait for their e-mail or phone call to be returned.  But wait, we are getting ahead of ourselves.  First the client needs to find you.

So how will a client find you?

  • Referral
  • Yellow Pages (Not likely)
  • Search Engine
  • Billboards

Your local customer will typically conduct a local search on the web and engage the first, usually the only attorney, that responds to their request.  So we recommend telling clients about your specialties and success stories everyday!  Let the client read about your expertise in specific areas such as litigation, tax, family law, criminal defense, DVM, DUI, probate and trusts.  Let the client engage you directly on your webpage, post a question, leave a comment or IM CHAT.

Dedicate an employee to monitor and respond to these post daily.  No one goes home until all of the posts for the day have been answered.

For additional information on How can lawyers get more clients, post or leave a comment.