How can lawyers get more clients

How can lawyers get more clients

Many industries turn to Google Adwords and start a pay-per-click campaign.  Others will spend their budget on a SEO firm to help optimize their existing website in the hopes of attracting organic traffic (non-paying search).

Many small practices typically create a website and then leave it alone.  These firms have grown accustomed to the look of their website and in some cases get very emotional when it comes to changing it.  Unfortunately change is part of the internet, the static website of the past has been replaced by the new interactive versions of today.  No more should you wait to receive a phone call or e-mail from a client who saw your website, but they should be able to IM CHAT with your representative in real time.

Web development has progressed to instantly respond to customers needing information and the legal sector is no different.  If you are still waiting for the phone to ring or a new client e-mail to appear in your IN BOX….You may be waiting quite awhile.

Clients want to engage with you instantly they do not want to wait for their e-mail or phone call to be returned.  But wait, we are getting ahead of ourselves.  First the client needs to find you.

So how will a client find you?

  • Referral
  • Yellow Pages (Not likely)
  • Search Engine
  • Billboards

Your local customer will typically conduct a local search on the web and engage the first, usually the only attorney, that responds to their request.  So we recommend telling clients about your specialties and success stories everyday!  Let the client read about your expertise in specific areas such as litigation, tax, family law, criminal defense, DVM, DUI, probate and trusts.  Let the client engage you directly on your webpage, post a question, leave a comment or IM CHAT.

Dedicate an employee to monitor and respond to these post daily.  No one goes home until all of the posts for the day have been answered.

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