Tracking D2D sales

Tracking Door to Door Sales using Apps

Tracking Door to Door Sales using Apps

Tracking in field sales forces nationally or globally is challenging.  Tracking contact rate, lead rate and close rate are very important.  Compiling this issue is purchasing leads:

  • How do you know if your leads are followed up?
  • Is the salesperson creating a tickler or updating their CRM to follow up based on the customer’s feedback?
  • How are you handling chargebacks on your lead purchases?

All of these are very important aspects of D2D sales.  Using GPS on a wireless device the sales person can now:

  • Track their location
  • Add notes to when customers are ready to purchase
  • Follow up with customers in a timely and scalable manner
  • Cross sell products to customers using an interactive matrix built in to the App

Using our custom tailored app you can design the perfect D2D app for your business.  Your business can offer a variety of products and making it easy for sales persons to track their progress with every customer.  Training of new hires is shorter and in field performance is increased and measurable.  Management will have instant access to where the sales person is in the sales cycle.  Dashboards provide a view of territories and close rates.

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