Make your cell phone battery last longer

Make your cell phone battery last longer

Have you ever accidently left your cell phone on when on a plane?

Your battery is drained quickly.  When the phone works hard to maintain a connection with the cell tower, you pay the price in battery life.

Your 4G phone will attempt to connect to 4G no matter how weak the 4G signal is, therefore the battery will decrease rapidly while searching or switching between 2G/3G and 4G.

Speed is Everything: The new 4G networks offer data speeds several times faster than 3G which is comparable to the broadband Internet services delivered to homes and businesses through cable TV or phone lines. 4G speeds vary by wireless provider. Signal boosters, such as the zBoost DataBlast, aid in amplifying weak 4G signal indoors.

Multiple Users: A single 4G connection has a large capacity and is able to be shared by multiple users, just like a home broadband link. Users can use it to set up a “mobile hotspot” that can connect several laptops or smartphones to the Internet through the 4G connection.

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