Managed Twitter accounts for Small Businesses

Managed Twitter accounts for Small Businesses

Has social media bypassed your business?

Is there  no time to manage your Twitter account?  Do you have a Twitter account?

Is your business invisible online?

Let our Managed Twitter Service help your business be seen online and take part in local  events via social media.

Our dedicated team will create, monitor and manage your business’ Twitter account.  Post new events and reply to questions received by your followers.

What businesses will benefit from this service?

1. Restaurants

2. Local services such as; plumbers, contractors, pest control, gardners, gas stations, auto repair

3. Home-based businesses such as; arts & crafts, bakers, hobbiest

Our experts at Titan Channel Partners, based in Irvine California,  create monitor and manage your business’ Twitter for only $25 per month.  We will make scheduled updates on your account and you will have full control of your account at all times.

New customers are just around the corner, literally.  New smart phone apps help customers find new places to eat, shop and patron everyday.  Make sure your business is one of them.  Don’t get left behind!

Contact us  at [email protected], call +1 949 542-6128, or post a confidential message below.

We look forward to hearing from you today and helping you attract new customers to your business.