Managed Web and Blog Services for Small Business

Managed Web and Blog Services for Small Business

Does your small business have a website?  If so…Does it have blog?

Blogs are a get way to engage new customers and retain old ones and using a third party service to host your blog is NOT a good idea.

You should own the content of your blog, not someone else.  Your blog should be part of your website and customers should feel engaged when they visit your site.  They should be inspired and compelled to leave comments and post questions.

Static websites with contact forms no longer engage customers.  They are the “Website 101” for beginners.  Create a custom site with your own unique content for a fraction of what you spent on your current website.  See how customers will react to  your new foyer in to the virtual world.

Checkout these site and see how you too can have a similar sites for your products and services in days:

Our experts at Titan Channel Partners, based in Irvine California,  create monitor and manage your business’ blog for only $49 per month.  We will make scheduled updates to your account and you will have full control of your blog at all times.

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We look forward to hearing from you today and helping you attract new customers to your business.