E-mail and File Archiving a Modern solution using a Trusted System

E-mail and File Archiving a Modern solution using Assureon Trusted System by Nexsan

Archiving files off your tier one storage can increase your capacity as well as help you in HR and legal matters.

Does your file archiving system comply with corporate and governmental regulatory requirements including HIPAA, SOX and SEC-17?

Does your data retention policy include:

Legal Hold

●A legal hold can be easily placed on any set of files, overriding their

original retention periods until the hold is removed

Audit Trails

●Audit trails report on file access and denied access attempts

Separation of Data

● Our solution provides complete separation of data between

departments or projects using logical and physical separation as well

as separation through the use of multiple AES-256 encryption keys


●Files can be AES-256 encrypted.  Keys for a replicated Assureon

are stored safely at 4 sites by the integrated key management

system. A nominal annual key management subscription is required


●Users are authenticated with Active Directory or digital certificates

Data Retention

●Easily create retention rules and associate them with unstructured

data directories or file types

Many companies simply copy their files over to a NAS, tape or shared stored without any verification or auditing.


In recent tests one out of every 1500 files stored are corrupt and are not discovered until a recovery is attempted.  New modern file archiving solutions audits all files in the archive every 90 days and issues a report if a file becomes corrupt.  So what happens when a file becomes corrupt?  When the file is brought in to the archive it is issued a digital fingerprint.  This fingerprint is then checked against the original and then again every 90 days.  If it were to become corrupt the archive would recover the file from the original and then notify you that you may have a disk or bad sector occurring.  The archiving is also replicated at a remote location.  You will have one system at your location and the other at a remote location that can act as your disaster recovery (DR) solution.

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