Need a custom Kiosk builder to include wifi, a display panel and a custom stand?

Titan Channel Partners is a custom kiosk builder for companies looking for specialized kiosks to be used in display windows, trade shows and as floor displays.

Working with 4 or 5 vendors to integrate a variety of IT equipment is a daunting task.  We simplify the process by providing all the integration under one roof.  We supply all of the equipment, oversee construction, install in the field and provide post deployment support.  We also maintain brake fix inventory for equipment in the field for prompt repair services.

Weather you are wiring a 30,000 sq foot night club or looking for a stand alone kiosk for your retail location, TCP has the options and flexibility you need.

Looking for backend support of your existing network? Our datacenter expertise can assist you with managing content updates on a worldwide scale.  Our kiosk builders and designers can provide cloud support or local USB updates for your content.

Using the latest materials and building techniques Titan Channel Partners can design and integrate your kiosk to meet our display needs.  Consider a standalone kiosk at the entrance of your store or a double-sided 55″ LCD panel hanging from you store window.  These double sided panel can be configured to display a brighter image on side that the other when exposed to sunlight.  Using embedded media players the content on these panel can be updated remotely and as often as you want.

Here is a tip for your next custom build.  The next time you are welding two pieces of metal together, consider covering up the weld with automotive bondo.  Instead of seeing the weld after the painting process, you see a smooth fillet and gives your display a custom molded appearance.  For an additional custom look consider routing your cables through the frame buy cutting custom holes to allow for CAT5/CAT6, USB and power cables.

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