How to Promote your App in 5 Easy Steps

How to Promote your App

Now that you have successfully submitted your App to the Apple App Store or Google Marketplace, more hard work begins.

Submitting and getting your App approved does not guarantee your App will be successful.  Given the hundreds of thousands of Apps, the chances of your customers locating your App is low.  Even a FREE App may never be found by your customer.

Apps are a great tool, now with their low cost Everyone should have an App to promote their products or services and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Now the question HOW?

Similar to how you launch a new product or service, promoting an App is similar.  We suggest you start with your current list of customers.

  • Let your current customers know you now have an App
  • Create a signature block on everyone’s  e-mail
  • Create a logo for your new App and place it on your website
  • Send a mailer or Press Release announcing your new App
  • Start a PPC (Pay-per-click) and SEO organic campaign to reach the masses

Promoting your App is key to its success

After all the work your team has done by wireframing, flow charting, testing and perfecting your App, do not forget about the critical next step…. Promotion of your App.

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