Retail Analytics in Real Time

Retail Analytics in Real Time

  • If  a leasing office could capture the number of clients who entered the office and compare it to the number of applications completed, would that information be useful?
  • If the maker of a popular soup could see the number of individuals viewing its competitor’s products in the grocery store aisle and determine gender, age, mood and duration, would that information be useful?
  • If a kiosk could capture the number of patrons, gender, age, mood, duration and time of day, would that information help develop a better interface and content for the patrons.

Titan Channel Partners has developed and implemented custom solutions to better track customer experiences.

By analyzing in real time the data you can build a better mouse trap.  Weather the mouse trap is a client friendly lobby in a leasing office, more attractive packing and better placement for a can of soup or improved content at a kiosk.

Giving advertisers and durable goods manufacturers access to a real time portal to view, query and download data from multiple locations allows for faster times to market for change.  That change can take many forms:

  • Creating better customer experiences
  • Improved packaging
  • Improved product placement
  • Improved pricing
  • Improved targeted promotions

All in a fraction of the time it would take to gather intelligent data using traditional methods such as focus groups and surveys.

Contact Titan Channel Partners and let us design and deploy a custom retail solution for you TODAY!

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