How to become an Ingram Micro Vendor Fast!

How to become an Ingram Micro Vendor Fast!

Get your products listed in as few as 8 weeks!  Simple fast and easy!  Step #1 CONTACT US TODAY.

Titan Channel Partners has a 100% success getting manufacturer’s products listed in Ingram Micro, the top tier channel distributor.  After a very simple contract process, which Titan Channel Partners walks you through, you will be assigned your Ingram Micro Vendor number and will be ready to start getting your Ingram Micro skus assigned to your account.

Many believe the process to get listed in Ingram Micro as a vendor is a cumbersome process…. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Here at Titan Channel Partners we navigate the paperwork and expedite the process in as few as 8 weeks.  We have seen the process take as little as 6 weeks to get on board with Ingram Micro.

However many make the mistake that the process stops after the Ingram skus are assigned, not the case, it has only just begun.

Now that your products are listed in the hundreds of thousands of Ingram Micro skus, how will the customers find you?

This is where Titan Channel Partners excels, we custom tailor a marketing program to get your products noticed by the large eTailers.

Using our years of experience in the channel and working with our existing relationships, we can use our influence with the category buyers to display your products on their prestigious and influential web space for a faction of the traditional cost.  In some cases we have negotiated ad campaigns for little or no cost to the vendor.

Steps to becoming an Ingram Micro Vendor:

1.  Get the products listed in Ingram Micro Fast

2.  Promote the products through our network of influential eTailers

3.  Watch your sales grow!

Not all vendor setups can be easy, but in our experience and our 100% success rate, we have great confidence that you can become an Ingram Micro Vendor Fast!

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