How to Sell Korean made goods through US Distribution

How to Sell Korean made goods through US Distribution

Many Korean companies establish an office in the USA in the hopes of establishing a presence in the USA will help their sales.  However this step is not necessary, to sell into the US distribution channel you need a top tier logistic and marketing  services offer by Titan Channel Partners.

Having worked with many foreign companies, Titan Channel Partners has assisted companies with 3PL and marketing services.  Helping IT companies to get a jump on the competition by offering their products through Ingram Micro Distribution to give them a leg up over the competition.

Ingram Micro offers:

  • Supports more than 200,000 resellers in 160 countries
  • Has 20,800 world wide associates
  • 119 distribution centers 

Foreign companies looking to make their goods available in the USA neglect the fact that their offering does not stop once you have established your logistical services.  Marketing your products in the USA is key to getting your product to turnover.  Success is measured by the number of times you can sell and restock your products (turnover).

Titan Channel Partners with over 15 years experience has the relationships, know-how and talent to get your products on the shelf at big-box-retailers in the USA.  Experts in making your products available through Ingram Micro Distribution is key to retailers and eTailers (.coms) having your producti information and ordering ability at their finger tips.

Working with top tier eCommerce in the USA, we leverage our relationships to bring you the best marketing and co-op programs available to your category.  Front page exposure on leading eCommerce sites will propel your sales right out of the gate.

Stop gambling with 2nd and 3rd tier distribution and let us introduce your products to the premier companies in the USA for sales and distribution.

For additional information on distribution and marketing services call +1 949 542 6128, or e-mail info at, or post your comment or question here.

How to become an Ingram Micro Vendor Fast!

How to become an Ingram Micro Vendor Fast!

Get your products listed in as few as 8 weeks!  Simple fast and easy!  Step #1 CONTACT US TODAY.

Titan Channel Partners has a 100% success getting manufacturer’s products listed in Ingram Micro, the top tier channel distributor.  After a very simple contract process, which Titan Channel Partners walks you through, you will be assigned your Ingram Micro Vendor number and will be ready to start getting your Ingram Micro skus assigned to your account.

Many believe the process to get listed in Ingram Micro as a vendor is a cumbersome process…. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Here at Titan Channel Partners we navigate the paperwork and expedite the process in as few as 8 weeks.  We have seen the process take as little as 6 weeks to get on board with Ingram Micro.

However many make the mistake that the process stops after the Ingram skus are assigned, not the case, it has only just begun.

Now that your products are listed in the hundreds of thousands of Ingram Micro skus, how will the customers find you?

This is where Titan Channel Partners excels, we custom tailor a marketing program to get your products noticed by the large eTailers.

Using our years of experience in the channel and working with our existing relationships, we can use our influence with the category buyers to display your products on their prestigious and influential web space for a faction of the traditional cost.  In some cases we have negotiated ad campaigns for little or no cost to the vendor.

Steps to becoming an Ingram Micro Vendor:

1.  Get the products listed in Ingram Micro Fast

2.  Promote the products through our network of influential eTailers

3.  Watch your sales grow!

Not all vendor setups can be easy, but in our experience and our 100% success rate, we have great confidence that you can become an Ingram Micro Vendor Fast!

Review our other article  for additional information on Ingram Micro vendor setup.

For additional information CONTACT US  or post your question or comment here

How to get 5 skus into Ingram Micro Distribution

How to get 5 skus into Ingram Micro Distribution

Do you think you need to be NASDAQ listed to be a vendor in Ingram Micro?

Could your company benefit from over 200,000 resellers purchasing your products?

We urge you to contact us and let us help you get 5 skus into Ingram Micro Distribution.  Our years of experience in the channel has helped start-up and established companies accelerate their sales by offering their products into the channel.

This multibillion top tier distributor offers over 20,000 world-wide associates in 37 countries with 119 distribution centers.  Their 3PL services can streamline your business and reduce your overhead costs.  Reducing shipping, accounting and inventory expenses are just some of the benefits of using Ingram Micro Distribution services.

If you once where in the channel and now are looking to get back in, or it you have never been, let our firm help and expedite this process for you.  We can fast track the process and you could see your products in the Ingram Micro database in a few as 6 weeks.

Manufacturers of consumer products such as mice, keyboards or other peripherals are still needed in distribution.  We have yet to see a category be denied due to their offering.  Enterprise products are also welcome, such as high-end networking, storage and services have a place in distribution too.

Since 1979 Ingram Micro has assisted technology companies identify markets and distribute their goods in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible, using the latest technology and best practices of third party logistic services.  Retail and eTailers using EDI software can seamlessly place an order, have it shipped at a click of a button, or in most cases the process is automated.  No button clicking is needed.

In addition to these services we offer a full range of representation services.  Our sales reps will introduce your products to the top tier etail and retail customers in the channel.  We will negotiate marketing programs to offer you the best possible price on services.  You are 100% in control of all the marketing programs.  It is your decision to participate or not.

Please post a comment for more information or questions you may have.

How do I get my products into Ingram Micro Distribution

Ever wonder how companies get their products in to Ingram Micro Distribution for worldwide distribution when their names are not HP or IBM?

Easy, they call Titan Channel Partners.  Well lets be fair, they could call Ingram Micro too, submit mountains of paperwork and wait six to nine months before they get their answer.

Or… They could contact TCP.  We have helped small businesses in the IT marketplace add as few as six skus into the behemoths logistics services.  Seeing their products in the channel in as few as six weeks.

Ingram Micro Offers you:

  • More than 200,000 resellers in approximately 160 countries
  • Providing support through approximately 20,800 world-wide associates
  • The only global broad-based IT distributor with significant Asia-Pacific presence

Don’t wait contact Titan Channel Partners today and let get your products selling today!